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Coach Masters Academy USA is a full-service Institute for Life Coach Certification Program and Training offering world class leadership coaching in several coaching styles including Transformative, Business, Leadership, Family, Life, Career, and Executive coaching. We help train individuals, corporations, educators, and employees to develop qualities that inspire personal and professional change. Our Professional Coaching certification is approved and accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

As you pursue coach training, you want a program with high standards, a proven methodology, and worldwide recognition. Coach Masters Academy is indisputably at the forefront of transformative learning. We have successfully trained thousands of coaches and leaders across the globe using our transformative coaching framework to achieve sustainable results.

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  • Internationally Recognized Qualification

Our Coach Training is approved and accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the organization that sets the standards for professional coaching globally. This unique training integrates the science of EQ and Positive Psychology, creating a robust platform that results in sustainable change for your coaching clients, teams and organizations alike. With Coach Masters Academy USA, you can be assured of world-class coach training with a globally recognized certification.

  • Leading The Way

Coach Masters Academy USA is the premiere full-service Institute for Life Coach Training. We are at the forefront of Transformative Coaching globally with our ICF Coach Training being delivered successfully in 40 countries around the world. A commitment to achieving sustainable positive change is at the core of everything we do.

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Meet the Coach Masters Academy USA Faculty
  • Ongoing Professional Development

Post-training and support are offered to our graduates, enabling them to continue to hone their skills while networking with CMA alumni on a local and global scale. In addition to obtaining a Professional Coaching Certification, Coach Masters Academy USA also offers Leadership, Life and Career Coaching. You can feel confident in utilizing this powerful Transformative Coaching process to enable authentic and lasting change in both your personal and professional life.

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Maribel Descallar, CCP, Coach Masters Academy USA life coaching training and transformative coaching
Maria Isabel Fara Descallar

CMA Program & Training Director for USA

Experience the power of transformative coaching with a coaching certification for yourself.

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Your Journey towards Mastering Coaching Begins with Us

We use a unique combination of theoretical understanding and actual skill to effect transformational change. This has been delivered globally and is recognized as one of the most rigorous in the industry. Your journey towards mastering coaching begins with us.

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  • Take your first step in your Professional Coaching Career

60 hrs Core Training certification under ICF’s ‘Approved Coach Specific Training Hours’ (ACSTH). Our Professional Coaching certification is approved and accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Global Learning Platform

  • Connect with coaches and leaders worldwide to develop your global coaching network for collaboration.
  • Experience rich, diverse, and cross-cultural learning that prepares and positions you as a global citizen.

Comprehensive Instructional Design

  • Accelerated learning with carefully designed Learning Lab, Practical Lab, Practicum, Peer to Peer Support, and Coaching Supervision to develop your coaching competency.
  • Self-directed learning platform supported by our interactive Learning Management System (LMS) to manage progress, share and receive feedback.

Continual Professional Development

  • Extensive post-training support through our monthly learning webinars and live coaching demonstrations
  • Become a part of an expanding international community of coaches and reach out to new students as a Student Mentor to support them in their learning journey.

Powerful coaching that results in a deep and sustainable change is inherently a reflective process. It involves people gaining awareness, and then uses this emerging understanding to create a new and empowering frame to guide future actions. Contact Coach Masters Academy USA for your Life Coach Certification Program and Training.

Maria Isabel Fara Descallar

Program & Training Director for USA

Coach Masters Academy USA, Transformational Life Coach Training

“I find the content very deep and profound. This training has provided me with the principles to deliver impactful coaching. I have acquired the skills to accurately observe and make sense of how people perceive their world and reflect it back to the client and to expand their mind and deepen their learning.”
– Coach Masters Academy Graduate

Maribel Descallar, CCP, Coach Masters Academy USA life coaching training and transformative coaching
Maribel Descallar, MCC

Program & Training Director,
Coach Masters Academy USA

(480) 738-0719
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